Bunbury Show Horse Challenge

14th April 2019

Show Horses are best described as the models of the horse world.
A show horse must move with balance, elegance, lightness, correctness and with the right rythym for the gait.
They must give the impression of covering the ground easily and fluently. The horse should work with a nicely rounded back, naturally elevated in front and head flexed at the poll. The whole picture should be pleasing to the eye.
A Show Hunter should possess more substance than the modern ridden Show Horse and must create the impression that it is capable of hunting over a variety of terrain.
Show horses are exhibited in three divisions; Pony, Galloway and Hack.
  • A Pony Show horse/Hunter must not exceed 14hh
  • A Galloway Show horse/Hunter must be over 14hh and not exceed 15hh
  • A Hack Show horse/Hunter is over 15 hh.
This year we have two Official Hack Rings and an Unofficial Hack Ring.
With thanks to our many generous sponsors, the Show Horse Events have amazing prizes up for grabs including Trophy Rugs, Garlands, Trophies, Vouchers and Prizes.

Download the Bunbury Show Horse Challenge Program (pdf)