Terms & Conditions for Stall holders, Food Vendors & Rides

Download the complete terms and conditions here.

2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show is proudly sponsored by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter health message that brings awareness to prevention of overweight and obesity in our community and surrounding regions.  Where ever possible Bunbury Agricultural Society Inc. will endeavour to promote this health message and will expect our Stall Holders and Food Vendors to also do the same.

Click on these hyper link’s to view the guidelines:

LiveLighter website www.livelighter.com.au

Healthway website http://www.healthway.wa.gov.au/

The 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show is a Non Smoking event.

On arrival at the Show site, you must present your entry pass to security operatives.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SITE WITHOUT AN APPROVED ENTRY PASS.  You must retain your pass to re-enter the site if you leave at any time during the festival.

Public Liability Insurance:  Please attach your Certificate of Currency for your Insurance Coverage for the 2016 LiveLighter Bunbury Show event.  Please note:

  • Bunbury Agricultural Society Inc is not responsible for and does not provide insurance cover for individual stall holders in respect to sale of products, food, drinks.
  • Bunbury Agricultural Society Inc’s Festival Insurance excludes any cover for operators of rides & amusements. It is mandatory that operators of rides & amusements provide evidence of their Public Liability Insurance to $10,000,000.

Food Vendors & Sale of Goods

The Festival Insurance does not cover operators’ and traders’ liability arising from goods sold.  It is recommended that traders and operators arrange appropriate and adequate insurance.

Stalls holders participate in the 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show at their own risk and are required to indemnify and hold harmless any inclement weather, or factors beyond the control of the 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show organising committee which may affect the event against any claim for damages, costs, claims, expenses & liabilities (Including without limitations consequential loss & loss of profits) in respect of any loss, damage, injury, disease or death caused through any of the stall holders activities at the 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show.

Festival hours are from Saturday the 8th April 2017, 9am – 10pm.  Sunday the 9th of April 2017 will run only Equine Events from 8am – 5pm, and very limited food and trade vendors will be invited to attend on that day.

Stall holders shall be set up & ready to commence trading at 8.30am on Saturday, 8th April 2017.  Early trading is not permitted.  Support vehicles must be moved to the designated parking areas by 8.30am.

STALLS ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED BEFORE 5PM.  Stall holders will be required to operate 9am – 5pm on Saturday 8th April 2017.  It is expected that all stall holders will have enough supplies to operate throughout this period.

Display/Support vehicles must be moved to the designated parking areas by 8:00am.  All show entry gates will be closed off, with no access in or out for vehicles.  Access after this time will be by foot traffic only.

If space permits, pop up gazebos can park their vehicle behind their display, if no space is available then vehicles can be parked in the designated parking area.

As Artisan Market & Rotary Drive stalls will be located on the bitumen road from Parade Road and continuing all the way around towards Bussell Highway.

Artisan Market Area:  stalls, people & all vehicles DIRECTLY around Hay Park Rugby grassed area must be packed up and gone by 6pm for ensure a safe working environment for the public when the fireworks display is being set up.  

All pop up gazebos/stalls/displays need to have approximately 1.5 metre space/gap between each display, allowing for better accessibility for wheelchairs, guide dogs, prams and foot traffic etc.

2 x 1100lt waste bins will be located on the Show site (exact locations to be advised prior to the Show) for vendors to put their cardboard waste packaging only.

The Food Vendors & Trade Stalls located nearest to the main stage are permitted to trade until the end of the entertainment at 9.00pm, and are not permitted to cease trading before 9.00pm.

No refunds will be given for cancellation of bookings made within 1 month period prior to the 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show or if inclement weather is forecast, or in the event of factors beyond the control of the 20167 LiveLighter Bunbury Show organising committee that affect the event come into effect.

For safety reasons, no stall will be permitted to sell cap guns or toys with any firing ability.

The 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show committee reserves the right to refuse any applicant to maintain the spirit of a country fair or change the stall location without prior notice.

Any vendors selling food must have a current Itinerant Food Vendors License and a copy of this must accompany this application.  This license will be forwarded to the City of Bunbury.

Disposing of your waste

The 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show aims to divert from landfill 35% of all waste produced (by recycling or composting).  To facilitate this aim we request all vendors to consider the packaging they use for their products.

The 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show event will operate a 3-bin waste system (general rubbish, recycling and organics) under the guidance of the Wellington Regional Waste team.

Bin toppers in different colours will indicate the types of waste which it is acceptable to place in each bin. 

Plastic bags are not recyclable through the existing recycling facility and are discouraged; paper bags (or no bags) are a better option. Plastic plates and plastic cutlery are not recyclable and are not to be used; please use paper plates and cutlery which are compostable.

If you require assistance on the types of packaging required or need further advice on waste management please click the link Wellington Regional Waste 9792 7350 (office hours).

All vendors packaging is to be compostable or recyclable.


Spikes / Tent pegs may not be driven into the ground in some designated areas.  These areas will be marked in blue paint & will be easily recognised.  Stall holders / Vendors must provide their own weights or methods of securing shelters in these cases.  Stall holders / Vendors are responsible for the erection & dismantling of their own tents, shades or equipment.  No surface or ground will be disturbed or dug up.

Stall holders / Vendors who have indicated that they require a powered site shall provide their own electrical loads which must be tested and tagged in accordance with the electrical regulations.  All electrical cords must be tagged and tested before the event.  The 2016 LiveLighter Bunbury Show reserves the right to refuse connection to power if safety standards are not considered adequate.

All payments & requested Certificates are to be made or supplied before any Stall Holder, Food Vendor or Rides are allowed to attend the event.  There will be no exceptions to this condition.