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CheckMate Art Scape

‘CheckMate encapsulates all that is art’

CheckMate Ticks All Art Boxes

Whether you’re looking to learn, or seeking a space to exhibit your local or not so local art, CheckMate is the studio for you.

Bunbury Show CheckMate ArtScape

A bit industrial, a bit hands on, a bit artists exhibition – this year’s Art is brought to you by CheckMate and will be a completely new experience.

Set in an industrial scenario, three Bunbury artists will show their work (which is for sale) and offer an opportunity for some hands-on creation.

CheckMate Floor Mural

Come along and make your mark!

Featured Artist – Plamenka Whitburn

“Nature and people from different cultures inspire me, as well, as my home country of Bulgaria. The city I was born – Varna is on Black Sea. That itself is a whole “sea” of inspiration, with its people, fishermen, tourists, seaport, sea gardens and its 1300 years of ancient history.

“I love experimenting with seemingly unmixable mediums all the time. For the last few years, I started working with copper, stainless steel and brass ultra-fine mesh. The delicacy and transparency of this medium is simply amazing. The way it reflects the light and the endless possibilities to create almost 3 D installations had captivated my attention. Working with clay is another medium I am interested and currently using for creating mini sculptures.”

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