“The live performances punch you in the face!”


The music Ponyfish make appears to be influenced by genre that should not work well together.

Think Traditional blues, Jack White, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Stones and Australian pub rock.

But Ponyfish take all of this and forge their own musical blend that is visually and sonically unique, raw and in your face!

In 2019, after leaving the same jam session with a band playing covers, Adam Morrison and Dom Marzano formed their own writing process through sheer determination, blood sweat and tears and started performing their own authentic, original music.  In 2022, a mutual friend introduced the band to
professional bassist, Dusty Bassinger.

What they say about Ponyfish:

The music has colour and space – It engages all your senses! The integration between all the
instruments is nothing short of amazing! The songs are obviously about the band’s personal life
experiences. They seem to be saying that life is a lesson and anything is possible as long as you don’t
give up!
The live performances punch you in the face! I’ve never experienced or seen a band that balances
it’s music around the interaction of each instrument. Ponyfish somehow know how to extract every
last drop of energy out of the music.