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RAC Rescue Helicopter’s Virtual Mission

In mid-2022 RAC Rescue completed the 9000th mission since 2003

RAC – Supporting our Community

RAC has been supporting WA’s only 24/7 emergency rescue helicopter service since 2003. Since then the RAC Rescue helicopters have flown more than 9,000 missions.

The RAC Rescue helicopters undertake three types of missions:

  1. Flying critical care paramedic specialists direct to the scene of an incident, including car and motorcycle crashes, to administer life-saving treatment and then transporting the injured directly to hospital if required;
  2. Delivering time critical patient transport between WA hospitals; and
  3. Undertaking search and rescue over land and sea, including searching for missing people, maritime operations in support of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and WAPOL, and conducting winch operations to inaccessible rescue scenes.

Latest Facts

RAC Rescue flew 692 missions in 2021 and 341 missions in the first half of 2022, the equivalent of around two rescues every day. Of the missions between January and June 2022:

  • 260 were primary (trauma or medical incident) call outs
  • 50 were secondary (time urgent patient transfer) call outs
  • Flew more than 816 mission hours
  • Flew 71,110 kilometres
  • Transported 223 patients
  • Responded to 170 motor vehicle accidents

On the 8th July 2022 RAC Rescue completed the 9000th rescue mission since the inception of the service in August 2003. In that time over 6,000 patients have been transported and over 1.8 million km travelled around WA.

In this video, long serving crew member Michael Perron talks about his unique role as an RAC Rescue pilot. On behalf of the WA community, we thank you RAC Rescue for 9,000 life saving missions.

Come “fly” with us

Meet the Pilot