Up Close and Fur-sonal

Ranger Redz Hands On Zoo Experience

Committed to Animal Welfare and Conservation

We Welcome Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park

Ranger Reds is a boutique and hands-on zoo, located on the banks of the Murray River. The unique Zoo offers visitors the opportunity to experience the animals in a way that traditional Zoos cannot match.

You will have the chance to hand feed the animals, hold a snake, pat a rufous bettong, and tickle a ferret.

While the Zoo itself has over 100 species of birds and animals, including koalas, wombats, dingoes, exotic birds, reptiles, and kangaroos, the travelling zoo can only bring a selection of animals for us to observe, each having been carefully selected to provide a diverse and interesting experienced. Staff will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about the animals.

Commitment to Conservation

Ranger Reds Zoo team is committed to the welfare of the animals and the conservation of endangered species. They are dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the animals in their care and the importance of preserving their natural habitats.

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